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Professional Ultherpay Treatment In Hamilton

Collagen is the tissue responsible for holding together the skin, giving it a firm toned look. However, as we age, our bodies produce less collagen over the years resulting in saggy, aging skin. Luckily, advancements in science have made it possible for men and women to regain their youthful looks through cosmetic procedures and treatments such as laser treatments and even surgery.

Lately, cosmetic procedures have incorporated ultrasound technology into its treatments to uplift and tighten saggy skin in a process known as Ultherapy treatment.

Ancaster Laser Medispa is the only facility that uses ultrasound energy in the Hamilton area to improve skin laxity. Our certified practitioners give you advice on what the best Ultherapy options are for your skin and offer personalized treatments that suit your needs.

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses focused ultrasound technology to uplift and tighten skin without harming the surrounding areas and tissues.

The treatment stimulates collagen in the skin to reverse the signs of aging on the face, eyebrows, neck and chest areas.

Ultherapy is the only ultrasound treatment approved by the FDA and has also earned the approval of Health practitioners in Canada for use in improving fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultherapy treatments have the ability to target foundational layers of the skin – similar to those targeted by surgical procedures – but without the invasive knives and needles procedures.

At Ancaster Laser Medispa, we employ the use of Ultherapy to uplift and tighten skin resulting in a more youthful appearance. The treatment can be carried out alone or alongside other cosmetic procedures to maximize the achievement of desired results without downtime.

How Does Ultherpay Work?

During treatment, an applicator is placed on the target areas to deliver low levels of ultrasound energy into the foundational layers of the skin. This acts to stimulate collagen regeneration, thus uplifting and tightening the skin on targeted areas.

Ultherapy combines temperature, depth and the body’s natural healing to improve sagging skin.

Ultherapy treatment is also highly customizable. As such, the devices used can easily be adjusted to regulate how deep it goes into the skin and also the temperatures used. Usually, treatments are optimized to utilize 60-70 degrees without burning the surrounding surface tissues.

Ancaster Laser Medispa Ultherapy System

The Ultherapy system is made up of four main components: the control unit, Ulthera handpiece, six transducers and an Ultherapy cart which acts as the storage.

The control unit facilitates image projection during the treatment to enable practitioners to clearly see the tissues they’re working on. This enables them to seamlessly and precisely direct the ultrasound energy to the targeted tissues only. The handpiece is the applicator while transducers function by targeting different depths of the skin.

In the past, patients would complain about pain during an Ultherapy treatment. However, there have been significant upgrades in Ultherapy procedures with the introduction of Ultherapy Amplify designed to minimize discomfort during the process.

At Ancaster Laser Medispa, your treatment will begin with you being taken through the entire procedure during the consultation, including information about the risks and benefits. We will then develop a personalized and specially-curated treatment plan that matches both your anatomical and aesthetic needs.

We understand that different people have varying tolerance to pain. To ensure you are comfortable, you will be given premedication and topical treatments to nub the pain and make you therapy treatment a comfortable experience.

Benefits of Ultherpay Treatment

Ultherapy combines both efficiency and comfort to deliver long-lasting results with no downtime. For people who want tighter, firmer and more toned skin, this treatment is for you.

It is ideal if you are looking to go back in time without necessarily undergoing surgery or aggressive chemical treatments.

Below are some of the benefits of Ultherapy Treatments:

• It stimulates collagen, strengthens the skin foundations and consequently lifts and firms droopy skin resulting in a youthful appearance.

• This non-invasive procedure is ideal for use on all skin types.

• The treatment can be easily customized by regulating the depth and length of treatment. Ultherapy can also be combined with treatments like laser skin resurfacing to provide maximum satisfaction.

• It causes minimum discomfort and has little to no downtime.

• The results are long lasting with one treatment lasting for up to one year.

What To Expect – Does Ultherapy Hurt?

Ultherapy treatment at Ancaster Laser Medispa will is relatively quick at around 1-2 hours of treatment. The treatment can go on for longer depending on the state of your skin. During the procedure, patients may experience discomfort as the energy is being delivered into the skin. The discomfort tends to be more pronounced in bony areas like the forehead and jawline. However, this is no cause for alarm as it a positive signal that collagen stimulation has been initiated.

Some patients may also experience tenderness, redness, tingling and swelling for up to two hours after the treatment. These are temporary in nature and will go away in a matter of hours or a few days. Although the treatment has no downtime and you can resume normal routines immediately, we will give you post-treatment guidelines to ensure your skin is back to normal in no time.

Since Ultherapy leverages on the skin’s natural healing process, clients start seeing results 2-3 months after treatment. This is because as the skin heals, the body continues to produce more collagen resulting in firmer and tighter skin.

The Cost of Ultherapy and How Long It Lasts

The cost of Ultherapy treatment varies with location, practitioner, and area of treatment. At Ancaster Laser Medispa, our Ultherapy procedures are premium services that cost between $500-$3500 depending on the target area. While uplifting small areas like around the mouth is a minor intervention, whole-face treatments are more complex and hence cost more.

Normally, one treatment can last for one year although the skin continues to age naturally. With this in mind, most people benefit from subsequent touch-ups after a year of treatment to maintain their youthful looks.

Recovery Time

The good thing about Ultherapy is that it has no downtime. The temporary side effects like swelling, tenderness and bruising go away within 7 days, if there are any side effects at all.

Looking For A Non-Invasive Procedure For A Fuller, Youthful Look?

Ultherapy before and after treatment is a completely safe non-invasive procedure that uplifts and tightens the skin on the face, neck and chest areas. For combination treatments, our professionals will help you find the right combination of treatments for an amazing before and after skin transformation. Contact us today for an Ultherapy Hamilton treatment appointment and boost your confidence with younger-looking skin.